Lycoming TO360-EXP for sale. (TO360C1A6D)

toengfromleft_small.jpeg Lycoming TO360C1A6D TT SMOH 78.5 hrs.
For sale is an excelent and strong engine and should be the one for someone who plans to go all the way to the top.  This engine is turbo charged, and has been buildt for the turbo, not like many others experimental. Who just add turbo! Also let me mention the US$5k counter weighted crank.

The engine was overhauled by Performance Engines , and went through a full Blue Printed overhaul.  With this blueprint overhaul and the good reputation for Performance Engines! You now the engine had a great overhaul.

As well the engine has just undergone inspection by the Zephyr Aircraft Engines

Unfortunately "for me"corrosion was found in the cylinders. But this US$4K fix, basicly changing the mugs is paid by me and the engine is fortunately "for you" new inspected.

You should now the exhaust was modified to fit in the Lancair cowling and you should let your exhaust welder modify for your needs.

Other Info:

→ Engine has been used with constant speed propeller.

Parts going with the engine are:

  • Mags
  • Turbo w/pipes
  • The chrom you see on pictures
  • Exhaust (modify for your needs)


  • Gouvernor
  • Dual Lightspeed Plasma II Electronic Ignition System

Full history and books will follow engine! Most relevant history you may download here:

→ Overhaul Invoice and other.

The engine is located at Zephyr Aircraft Engines. And testrun is available at your cost.

Why do I sell this engine?

The engine is recently taken of my Lancair, you see on this website. I bought the a/c in october 2006 and had no clue. But I learned pretty fast that angle valve and updraft cooling system is a misfit in the small and narrow Lancair cowling.

One option I considered was to convert the engine, but the cost turned out to be more or less the same as a new engine more suited for the a/c. Another options may have been to modify the cowling, but this had also cost for 15K++. And the already enlarged cowling made some much drag that this a/c did fly slow as an cessna 177 Cardinal.

From the pictures you see the  engine is painted blue and is looking realy good, actually I don't want sell it! But the fact and common sense must come first ? It's easier to get another engine when modify the hole plane to get it smooth? The builder I bought the plane from told me that he in the last split second rdered wrong, but thought he could manage to get this looking good.  But the fact is, it's not possible due to the bigger and higher cowling needed when a original Lancair cowling.

Well you have the story for why I need to sell !

If you have any good XP360, Lycoming A1A or similar a trade may be considered.

Best regards
Roger Iverin